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Anglers aged 16 and older need to be licensed to fish in New Hampshire. Licenses can be obtained online at or purchased locally at Sargents Marina, Georges Mills and at Village Sports in New London (for location see entry in Boating section).

Lake Sunapee

Salmon - Fishing early spring to late June, on or near the surface. Trolling, fly casting and still fishing. Baits most productive are live smelt and flies. During summer, with warmer water temperatures, deeper trolling is practiced (about 15-30 feet down). Spawn in the fall. Lake trout - Fishing early spring through summer months. Found on or near the bottom and usually in the deeper areas of the lake. Trolling with wire line using laced-on smelt or suckers. Artificial spoon lures used also. One method is to jig lure along the bottom, by taking line in hand and, with sweeping motion up and down, cause the lure to move in erratic action. Brook trout - Fishing early spring through summer, usually found in schools while feeding in brooks and shallow areas along the shore. Baits (worms) lures and flies are effective. Fly casting, spinning, and still fishing are methods used. Small mouth bass - Best fishing period during months of June and July. Located around and near rocks and old docks. Live bait used; night crawlers, helgramite, crayfish and shiners. Artificial lures, often referred to as 'bass plugs' and poppers, also bass flies. Perch and Pickerel - Usually live in same habitat as bass. Also are found in weed areas. Live bait and lures used. Still fishing and spin casting best fishing method. Sunfish - A youngster's delight, can be caught all day long. Worms are best bait.

Check New Hampshire Fishing Laws for size and quantity.

Ice Fishing

Local residents can be seen ice fishing on Otter Pond and on lakes throughout the area.